Data Analytics

Camera Based Analytics

Evaluate and improve the performance of your stores, products, employees and advertising campaigns with our data analysis system. and advertising campaigns with our data analysis system.Using artificial intelligence-based computer vision, we track visitor demographics, customer experience and engagement.

How its works?

Our system collects three types of data:

• Anonymous physical identification based on facial traits, silhouette, clothing and body shape.

• Demographic data: Age and gender.

• Employees can be identified (pre-tagged) so they can be excluded from future reports.


An intuitive and easy-to-use content management system (CMS) with drag-and-drop functionality. Compatible with any web browser or mobile device.


Our system generates metrics based on site activity to evaluate the performance of stores, products, employees and advertising campaigns.

Data Analytics Reporting

Our reports can include information such as foot traffic counts, gender detection, age range detection, length of stay by gender and by age range, time spent in waiting line, measurement of OTS (opportunity to see), and vehicle counting. This comprehensive data not only provides valuable insights into customer behavior but also enhances engagement and drives conversions for your products and services.

Computer Vision Analytics

Why use our analytics?

Optimize merchandising

Know what is grabbing your customers attention

Know your customers

Understand your visitors and their habits, Improve footfall, length of stay, and return visits

Minimize wait times

Allocate staff based on visitor footfall and customer wait times

Sell more ads

Provide in-depth cam­paign and audience metrics