Transparent LED Screens

Transparent LED screens act very similar to traditional LCD screens or LED televisions, but the fact that they do not obstruct light allows the development of creative applications that are not possible with conventional display technologies.
To be up to date with the evolution of advertising, large-scale commercial spaces need to provide an immersive experience for customers. This requires advanced commercial service equipment to gather customer groups, meet their shopping and entertaining needs, and create a diversified as well as modern shopping environment.


Floor Standing Digital Advertising Players

Floor Standing Digital Advertising Players are a kind of Digital Signage that users and audiences can easily interact with it via touch, emotion or voice. Floor standing smart players are commonly used to transfer and announce visual information of products, services and much more information to the public.

Generally, digital signage player, a computer embedded within the advertising player is responsible to feed images, videos or interactive content on player screen. Display system utilized in this digital advertising player uses LCD, LED or projection screen to illustrate visual graphical content.


Pendant Advertising

Pendent advertising double sided screens are the perfect solution for advertising on retail stores, installed on strategic positions they can deliver information that will be effective for the purchase decision of the clients


Indoor or Outdoor Translucid Modular Screens

Indoor or Outdoor translucid modular screens to advertise without darkening façade windows.

Perfect solution to take advantage of all the visible areas of buildings


Indoor Translucid Modular Screens

Indoor translucid modular screens to advertise without darkening retail stores windows is a great way to attract customers attention